Friday, June 29, 2018

Ava by Denise Devine - Perfect Match Series

Announcing an Exciting New Summer Romance Series!
Grab your beach umbrella and prepare for lots of fun and romance this summer with the Perfect Match series! Join Bree, Marni, Molly, Jade, Ava, and Maeve as they embark on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation in the pursuit of love.

AVA, book 5, by Denise Devine:

Ava’s Perfect Match Dating Profile…

A Minnesota Girl – Age 31

Like everyone else, I’ve had my heart broken in the past, but I still find it difficult to believe in the power of love.

Do you have what it takes to prove me wrong?

I’m looking for someone who is honest and genuine, a man who would accept me for who I am and bring out my true self—a crazy, fun-loving girl with an adventurous heart. If you really exist, you’re one in a million.

And you just might be the one for me.

Excerpt from AVA:

After they finished their beverages, they climbed the well-worn pathway up to the cliffs. People were congregating in small groups, laughing and talking, many of them soaking wet. Others went straight to the edge and jumped off, whooping all the way down to the water.

Jeff took Ava’s hand as they walked toward the edge. “It’s beautiful down there, isn’t it?” The water truly looked turquoise and as clear as a windowpane.

She moved closer to the edge of the cliff and gingerly stared down at the cove. “It must be at least a twenty-five-foot jump.”

“Do you know how to swim?”

She snorted. “Ah, yeah. I was a lifeguard all through senior high and college.”

“Really? Me, too.” He tightened his fingers around her slender hand. “Do you like to swim in the ocean?”

“Oh, yes, I love it. I’ve already gone swimming several times at the resort.”

“Great!” He grinned. “Then let’s do it.” He leaped off the cliff and pulled her with him.

At first, she gasped from sheer surprise then she screamed. “I’m going to kill you for this, Jeff Thom-a-a-a-s!”

Down they went, feet first.


They plunged into the cove, but quickly swam upward, breaking through the surface of the water at nearly the same time.

As soon as she bobbed to the surface, Ava blew out a lungful of air and shook the water from her eyes. Without a word, she took off like a shot and swam toward the beach. Jeff quickly caught up to her and followed her out of the water. She ignored him and stomped away.

“Come on, Ava. Don’t be mad—”

“Oh, I’m not mad,” she said, whirling around, getting in his face. “I’m furious!”

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