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Merry & Bright Sweet Christmas Collection #MFRWHooks

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It's the happiest season of all...

With snowflakes dancing in the frosty air, and the ring of carols everywhere, Christmas holds a special place in our hearts, our favorite time of the year. Set in the Midwest, this sweet collection of "Happily Ever After" Christmas stories are sure to brighten your day and lift your spirits. Enjoy them all year!

A Merry Little Christmas

Merry Connor is struggling to feed her two children, pay heat bills, and fix her secondhand car.

Though she’s barely making it financially, life is good. That is, compared to two years ago when she lost everything—thanks to her lying, deceiving ex-husband. She’s come a long way since then and doesn’t intend to look back. Even so, it’ll be a long time before she trusts anyone with her heart again.

Tony Lewis hasn’t had a merry Christmas since his wife and son perished in a car collision three years ago.

The holidays are lonely without his family, but his heart begins to mend when he meets Merry Connor and her two rambunctious kids. He can’t stop thinking about her and yearns to get closer to her. Will she turn him away once she learns of his connection to her ex-husband?

A Christmas to Remember

Katie McGowan is desperate to make it home for Christmas.

Since the death of her husband in a snowmobile accident two years ago, her family has filled the void left by Josh’s passing. Returning home from a business trip on December 23rd, Katie finds herself trapped by a blizzard in Alexandria, Minnesota. Stranded travelers have filled the hotels, leaving her no choice but to take an executive suite in the same resort where Josh died.

Ryan Scott intends to spend the weekend at Lakewood Resort, riding his new snowmobile and dodging Christmas.

His parents’ sudden divorce announcement has ruined his holiday and he’s in no mood to socialize. His plan derails, however, when he meets Katie McGowan and she steals his heart.

Overwhelmed by memories of the past, neither Katie nor Ryan believes they are open to the possibilities of a new relationship. But a little bit of Christmas magic, along with a stray dog rescued from the storm, gives them a reason to unwrap their hearts. Together, they find the courage to rediscover the joy of the holiday season.

Once Upon a Christmas

When old friends reunite, will a new enemy keep them apart?

Ashton Wyatt has spent a decade running from her past.

Hanging out with a bad crowd in high school cost Ashton her reputation, her boyfriend and her relationship with her parents. Determined to start over, she has moved far away, but can't escape the loneliness that shrouds her heart. When she receives an offer to return to the small, tourist town of West Loon Bay to revive The Ramblin' Rose bar with her sister and her cousin, she accepts the challenge, hoping to repair the bond with her family as well. But just when her life is on the mend, she crosses paths with someone from her past and things spin out of control...

The last thing Sawyer Daniels needs is to get mixed up with the town's wild child.

Sawyer did his share of partying and keeping the cops busy in his misspent youth, but he has long since abandoned that crowd in order to make some sense of his life. He's already under contract to renovate The Ramblin' Rose when he learns Ashton Wyatt is back in town. Though the situation gets off to a rocky start, their friendship grows as they work side by side. He doesn't realize how much he's grown to care for her until a stalker puts her life in danger. Now that he's finally found his true love, is he about to lose her?

So This is Christmas

Annabelle Lee - She's looking forward to a weekend of catching up, munching cookies, and enjoying Christmas cheer with her childhood girlfriends. She hasn't had a vacation since this time last year and desperately needs the time off. Her business has taken a toll on her life, leaving her exhausted and questioning the price of success. She arrives early at Ellie Stone's family cabin to relax and decide the direction of her future, but to her dismay, she's not alone. Ellie's twin brother is also there and declares he isn't leaving until Friday.

Christopher Stone - He's the boy who mercilessly teased her when they were kids. He's grown into a handsome man with a career in professional baseball and a pop-star girlfriend. He appears to have an idyllic life, but the longer they talk, the more Annabelle suspects his love life isn't as perfect as he claims. She can't deny her attraction to him and knows he's attracted to her as well.

Best Friends Forever - Will this week proceed like old times or turn out to be a new chapter in her life?

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