Thursday, June 28, 2018

Jade by Rachelle Ayala - Perfect Match Series

Announcing an Exciting New Summer Romance Series!
Grab your beach umbrella and prepare for lots of fun and romance this summer with the Perfect Match series! Join Bree, Marni, Molly, Jade, Ava, and Maeve as they embark on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation in the pursuit of love.

JADE, book 4, by Rachelle Ayala:

Jade’s Perfect Match Profile…

Miss PITA, Age 25

“The best revenge is massive success.” – Frank Sinatra

Let’s cut to the chase. Most online match profiles are untrue and lame. Everyone is outgoing, a great cook, loves to hike, and yogas themselves into a pretzel on a regular basis.

As if you care.

Me? I’m difficult, entitled, spoiled, and did I say I hate cats? I’m not the type of woman you bring home to mom, I can’t fix stupid, and I most definitely don’t do boring.

Why should you pick my profile?


If you’re looking for a soulmate, don’t look at me. If you’re hoping for the love of your life, keep swiping. But if you’re as sick of dating and relating as I am, then maybe you’re the partner I’m NOT looking for.

Excerpt from JADE:

Jade got into the limo and scooted as far down the bench as she could. How dare this man presume she either needed or wanted him to tame her? Okay, on the scale of one to ten, with ten being mega hot, this man was a nine and a half, his arrogant attitude costing him half a point.

After handing his and Jade’s luggage to Georges, the large man clambered into the limo. “Mind if I sit next to you?”

“I can’t believe you selected my profile, unless all you wanted was a free vacation,” Jade said, keeping her gaze locked out the darkened window.

“You have no idea what I want, and I’m betting you can’t read minds.” Aiden left one open seat between them on the bench. He extended his hand to shake. “Aiden Lin, Navy SEAL. Age 26.”

Jade stared at the large hand with the square, sturdy fingers. Everything about this guy was muscles. It figured. He was a member of an elite fighting force.

“I don’t particularly care what you want or not, but since we’re stuck together, let’s discuss some ground rules.”

Aiden scooted closer, his hand still extended as the limo rolled from the airport. “We don’t need any rules other than what the Perfect Match terms and conditions say. I passed their background check, and I assume you have, too. The purpose of this vacation is promotional for them, to validate their proprietary algorithm for matchmaking.”

“Which obviously didn’t work,” Jade said. “Show me your profile.”

“I didn’t write it,” Aiden said. “So, it’s irrelevant.”

“You didn’t write your profile?” Jade’s voice rose an octave. “Who did?”

“My mother.” Aiden’s lips twisted into the mother of all smirks. “I’m guessing your line about not being the woman to take home to your mother triggered the computer to make the match.”

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