Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A sweet romantic comedy about second chances.

Jenny Landon doesn’t believe in happy endings…

The tragic death of her husband has convinced her that her dreams don’t last and she never wants to risk losing her happiness—or her heart ever again. She’s totally unprepared to fall in love a second time, but when she meets Luke McCarran at her sister’s engagement party, his ability to understand her pain suggests he isn’t like other men. Can she bury the past and learn to love again?

Luke McCarran believes true love doesn’t get an encore…

Luke has his hands full with his business and a difficult teenage son. At thirty-eight, he’s too young to be widowed, but doesn’t believe he’ll ever fall in love again because he’s lost his soulmate. Then he meets Jenny Landon and he learns that although falling in love this time may be different, it is just as real. Will he convince Jenny they were meant to be together?
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