Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Fun at Disneyworld

Steve and I flew down to Disneyworld with our daughter, Misty and her little girl, Guinevere (we call her Gwen) in early December.
At the airport, all ready to go!

This was Gwen's second trip. Two times to Disney and she's just turning four. A real veteran mousketeer! She knew what to expect this time so she was all ready for the weekend with her Minnie outfit and stuffed toy. This time the trip was better structured with pre-ordered "fastpasses" and reservations for dining. The food was terribly expensive, but we had good meals. We went to the Wilderness Lodge (a replica of the Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone Nat'l Park) for breakfast the first day then took the free paddleboat across the lake to the Magic Kingdom. Our most favorite meal was a complete turkey dinner served family style at the Liberty Tavern (Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom). The food was great, especially the Johnny Appleseed cake with ice cream for dessert, but beware, the bill for three adults with tip was $125. (Gwen missed her nap that day and slept through the whole meal...)

Our first day at the park was a weekday, so attendance was mild. We got on a lot of rides right away and didn't have to stand in line very long for character pictures. Gwen's favorite characters are Tigger and Pooh!
Gwen with her best friends

Since her birthday is in a couple weeks, we registered Gwen as a birthday

Gwen at Crystal Palace
girl and, my, did she love that. Everywhere we went, she got little gifts and whenever a park employee saw her birthday button, they said, "Happy birthday, Princess!"

The first thing we did as soon as we entered the park was mosey on over to the hat store on Main Street and try on mouse ears. I mean, everyone does that, don't they? It's fun to try on all those hats and the Disney people are really good about taking your picture (even though they know you're not going to buy the ears!!). Getting our picture taken while wearing the latest mouse ears is a tradition for us.

Me, Gwen and Misty
Here we are in the hat shop getting our ears decorated. The white squares on Misty's forehead are price tags. She had no idea they were showing! I guess you could say that she's wearing Minnie Pearl-style mouse ears.

Disney has this really cool on-line app called "My Disney Experience." With it, you can make dining reservations, get fastpasses to your favorite rides and make other appointments. Misty set up our entire weekend on it about 6 months before we went!

Character breakfasts were the most fun and this time we went to the one at the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom. Gwen got her fill of pictures and hugs from all the characters and some even signed her autograph book.

On Friday night we attended a special event called "Mickey's Christmas Party." There was a special parade, shows and after dark, the fantasy castle was completely lit up with icicle-type lights. Sorry, I know this picture doesn't do it justice, but it was the best my camera could get. In real-time it was fantastic.

But the best event of all this year for us was the Pirate's Bazaar over in Adventureland. Misty made an appointment for Gwen to get transformed into a mermaid. The idea went over fine until we arrived
Gwen with her pirate scarf and pink eye patch around her head.
at the bazaar and two pirates walked out. Ha-ha. All of a sudden the mermaid idea went up in smoke and the pirate look was on! Gwen is not one for girly things, that's for sure. She loves action-adventure and when Jack Sparrow came over to get his picture taken with her, she absolutely fell in love!

By the way, the makeover session, complete with makeup, nail polish, temporary tattoos and a bag of accessories (including a big plastic sword--that got purposely left behind...) only cost about $37. By Disney standards, that was a steal. Value in kid fun and memories~~priceless.