Thursday, May 15, 2014

Romancing the Lakes Romance Writers Conference, Aug 1-2, 2014

This is a really great conference. I went last year and had such a good time! The price is only $100 and the rooms at Mystic Lake are very affordable. If you're an author, there will be a book signing during the day on Saturday. Editors will also be taking pitches.

Romancing the Lakes 
Second Annual Conference

Road to Publishing

AUGUST 1 -2, 2014
Mystic Lake Casino and Hotel
Prior Lake Minnesota
It All Starts with an Idea,
Continues on to Learning Your Craft 

 Arrive with a Manuscript
Key Note Speaker:  Mary Wine
Session Presenters:  Mary Wine, Rosanne Bane and Jess Lourey.
Conference Features: One and two-hour sessions, contest awards, silent   auction, networking and book signings.
August 1
Friday Night: Meet and Greet at Hotel buffet (not included in registration fee). Fireside Chat after dinner with keynote speaker Mary Wine.
August 2:
Saturday:  Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages included in registration.

All authors attending can bring their books to sign and sell during the conference.
Set your own price and, handle all monies and transactions. All book signings will be held in the same room as the conference.

                  Editors will be attending the conference and will take individual 
or group pitching at any time during the conference. No pre-registration is required.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Holy Vet Bill, Batman, Kitty is sick!

She looks kind of grumpy here, but she sure was clinging to me today at the vet clinic. Poor Babygirl has a urinal tract infection! She sits for five minutes, trying to pee and nothing comes out. I know how that feels when I have a bladder infection and it ain't fun. I noticed her sitting in her box last night, ignoring my call for a treat. That surprised me. Then today I saw her doing the same thing in the flower garden and then trying to pee again a couple minutes later. So much for getting any yard work done before the storms came this afternoon.

It's pretty hard to get an appointment on Saturday because everyone closes at noon, but I found a vet in Cambridge that was open until five. Babygirl cried in the carrier all the way there. I felt so bad for her. When I got there, she was clinging to me and trying to hide under my arm. But when they gave her the ultrasound to get her to pee, they said she was very sweet. Hmm...she must be sick! She's usually Little Miss Hissy Fit. "Don't touch me, don't pick me up. Lemme bite your ankle. Growl, growl..."

We got the drugs, I paid the bill and we went home. The patient is convalescing now and eating albacore tuna as a reward for taking her antibiotics like a good girl. What a life.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mom's Day Bash is today!

Don't forget!

Join the Mom's Day Bash today, May 8th at #SweetRomance Reads on FB: Games, Prizes, Free Books! #MothersDay

1pm to 3pm Eastern Time

Go to the event link above to sign up, then join us on the FB page at 1pm for two hours of fun.

See ya there!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mom's Day Bash at Sweet Romance Reads

Join the Mom's Day Bash May 8 at #SweetRomance Reads on FB: Games, Prizes, Free Books! #MothersDay