Saturday, March 15, 2014

Juan Pablo - Hero or Horrible?

In the twelve years that The Bachelor has been on TV, I have never watched it—until this year. Why now? Maybe because my writer's mind decided that it might be good research for a future plot, or maybe because I was just curious. I don't know, but what I saw the first night disappointed me. Many of the women were so clich├ęd with their prima donna behavior, their vanity and the way they sucked up to Juan Pablo. But then, I'd never watched this show before so maybe that's what the attraction is—a bunch of women fighting over a man. 

But why this man? 

First off, why couldn't he comb his hair? It always looked like he'd slept on it the wrong way and didn’t feel like bothering with it once he'd crawled out of bed. Another thing that bothered me about him was the way he seemed to be performing for the camera all of the time, but didn't really know his lines. His speech carried a of repetition, like, "it's okay, it's okay…it's not a problem." Thirdly, he treated all of those women like they were Barbie dolls, like it was all a game and not a serious conquest. Well, yeah, I guess it IS a game, a different kind of TV game show with mega sponsors, but it's not supposed to LOOK like a game, is it? Isn't he supposed to make you fall in love with him and make you wish you were one of women he was courting? Isn't that what a hero is supposed to do? To me, he seemed just a tad immature, as though he really liked the make-believe part the most. 

I only watched the first show all the way through. After that, I kept tabs on it by watching the commercials. Really! They tell you more than you'd think they would, but the producers do that because they want to tantalize you enough to tune in. Not me. Just give me the finale and let’s get it over with. 

So I tuned into the last show for the second half-hour, right when the two finalists, Clare and Nikki were being transported to the spot where Juan Pablo was going to pick one lucky girl (or, as it turned out—one unlucky girl). To be honest, I was rooting for Clare, but when he dumped her and she told him off, I suddenly knew she'd done the right thing. Something about him didn't seem right, I'd known that all along, but when he gave her the bad news then leaned over to kiss her like business as usual, I could see that he had no qualms whatsoever about letting her go. It was all about the game… 

Finally, when he gave Nikki the rose, he told her he wasn't comfortable with asking her to marry him and he never said that he loved her. That put a damper on the "happy ending" aspect, for sure, but what happened in the follow-up interviews put the final touches on this fiasco—I mean finale! 

The final show aired four months after the last episode was taped. In the follow-up interview, we saw that Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell are supposedly still together, supposedly optimistic about their future and supposedly happy. Really? Is it just me, or is he immature and is she insecure? He still hasn't proposed. He still hasn't even told her he loved her. But he's happy because he's sleeping with her?

Is this your idea of a true hero?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Don't Wait! Get Hooked with #MFRWorg Authors

Don't Wait! Get Hooked with #MFRWorg Authors! (via MFRW Authors)

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