Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Of course, I have a few--to write more and write more often! Another one is to update my website regularly and to post writing news to this blog every week. I want to read more books this year, get better organized and lose some weight. You didn't think I'd leave that last one out, did you? Sure, and after I just had a bowl of ice cream topped with Reddy Whip. But I am working on losing weight. Really.

Seriously, I am resolved to writing more and refuse to be distracted by stupid stuff, like television, that wastes time. I'm not going to quit watching TV altogether (what--miss Downton Abbey??), but I am going to cut way back and spend the time working on my writing. To make sure I follow through on it, I'm going to post my work every week. See, now that I've opened my big mouth, I have to do it. Good.